Consultancy & Services

Need advice, help and support?

We have in our network all sorts of experts from commercial, public sector and education management backgrounds. There are simply too many skills to list which can only be good for you!

  • Project / People Management
  • All software and hardware
  • All vendors
  • Technology loans / sales / outsourcing
  • Recruitment
  • Training / Commercial / Staff Development / Classroom from nursery to university
  • etc

Let us know what advice or support you need by raising a request at - this will be logged and passed to the relevant member of staff in our national network, who will respond with possible action and quote.


What is this national network mentioned? 

City Learning Centres were a government programme specialising in inovation, technology and education that ran for 10 years building up vast skills and contacts. Under new the government, programmes like this were scrapped whereby creating a national network of former staff!
London as one of the regional groups with former (and remaining CLCs) have given birth to a new group and alliance of consultants and services.

Is it just ex-CLC staff?

No the network is extensive and has many long life partners in all industries.

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